Top Cities in Canada for Newcomers

Most Popular Cities in Canada for Newcomers

If you are considering moving to Canada, there are some important factors to take into account to ensure you arrive in a city that has the potential to feel like home. Namely, we recommend taking these factors under advisement prior to your move:

1. Cost of Living
2. Employment Opportunities
3. Housing Culture
4. Transporation
5. Climate
6. Schooling
7. Community
8. Language
9. Recreation

You’ll find that with each Canadian city, there are both negatives and positives. In order to help you decide which city is most suitable for you, we’ll briefly review the top five Canadian cities for newcomers to Canada, giving you a look into some of the important factors listed above.

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Top Five Most Popular Cities If You Are Planning To Move To Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

The capital of Canada offers:

However, if you’re looking at Ottawa as one of your top destinations when moving to Canada, you should be aware that:

  • There is little diversity in jobs (i.e. most popular sectors include government and IT positions) 
  • Cold winters (heavy snowfall) 
  • The cost of living is on the higher end

Ottawa is best suited for higher-educated individuals with children.

Ottawa City

Oakville, Ontario


While Oakville might not have the same well-known status as some other major Canadian cities, in 2018, Oakville was named the best city for new immigrants in a survey done by MoneySense.

Oakville attracts newcomers to Canada because of:

On the other end, it’s important to be aware of the following:

  • High cost of living (housing, in particular, can be costly)

Oakville is best suited for newcomers who have high-earning potential, and who are looking for a family-friendly city.


Calgary, Alberta


Calgary has made our list of top cities for newcomers to Canada because: 


Having said that, it’s also important to note that Calgary: 


  • Has extremely cold winters 
  • Lack of public transportation (you’ll likely need a car) 


Calgary is ideally suited for anyone who wishes to live in a big city, but who wants to avoid the high cost of living associated with major cities like Toronto.

Calgary, Alberta

Halifax, Nova Scotia



If you’re interested in making your way to the east coast of Canada, Halifax is great for newcomers to Canada because of: 



Newcomers to Canada might avoid Halifax because:


  • Less income potential (i.e. low wages)

If you’re not looking for a prestigious job and you’re interested in a slower pace of life, Halifax could be the right Canadian city for you.


Montreal, Quebec

Ranking as the fifth most popular destination for immigration in North America, Montreal is popular because of:

  • Strong sense of culture and diversity
  • Smaller city; easy to get around (no need for a car)
  • Safe, low crime rate

Having said that, keep in mind that Montreal:

  • Has low employment rate, especially for newcomers
  • Getting a job without any French language skills is particularly challenging

Montreal is best suited for young professionals who wish to enjoy a fun, culturally diverse city; however, French language skills are strongly recommended.


As you can see, Canadian immigration tends to be most popular in major cities, but, you will notice that we specifically left Vancouver and Toronto off of this list.

While these are popular cities for immigration, they are quickly becoming extremely expensive places to live and we wanted to provide you with more affordable options that offer the same quality of life.

If you’re struggling with which Canadian city is right for you, we would recommend choosing the top two cities that interest you based on some of the details discussed above. From there, do your own in-depth research on each city, and it should become more clear which city will best support your lifestyle.

For more assistance, our Canadian Immigration consultants would be happy to assist you with all your Canadian immigration questions.

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