Visa for Gaza

Visa Relief for Gaza’s Extended Families

The crisis in Gaza has significantly impacted families, leading to a challenging and distressing situation. In response, the Canadian government has introduced a temporary public policy aimed at providing visa relief to certain extended family members affected by this crisis. This policy is designed to facilitate the issuance of temporary resident visas, offering a form of support and refuge during these difficult times. The initiative reflects Canada’s commitment to humanitarian efforts and its willingness to assist those in dire circumstances.

Policy Overview

Canada’s temporary public policy for visas, in response to the Gaza crisis, aims to provide relief for extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The policy facilitates the issuance of temporary resident visas to those directly affected by the situation in Gaza. It is part of Canada’s broader humanitarian efforts to assist individuals in conflict zones. This policy’s scope is specifically targeted to help family members who might otherwise face challenges in obtaining visas due to the ongoing crisis, thereby offering them a safe haven during these difficult times.


Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Canada’s temporary public policy facilitating temporary resident visas for those affected by the crisis in Gaza include:

1. Extended Family Members: The policy applies to extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. This includes spouses or common-law partners, dependent children, parents or step-parents, and guardians.

2. Proof of Relationship: Applicants must provide documentation proving their relationship to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This may include marriage certificates, birth certificates, or other legal documents establishing family ties.

3. Residency in Gaza: The applicant must have been residing in Gaza at the time of or during the crisis to be eligible for consideration under this policy.

4. Admissibility to Canada: Applicants must also meet the standard admissibility requirements for entering Canada. This includes passing security and health checks to ensure they pose no threat to public safety or health.

5. Application Process Compliance: Eligible individuals must follow the prescribed application process, including submitting all required forms and documentation within the stipulated timeframe.

These criteria are designed to ensure that the policy effectively targets and assists those most in need due to the ongoing crisis in Gaza, providing them with an opportunity for safe temporary residence in Canada.

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Application Process

The application process for Canada’s temporary public policy for Gaza extended family members involves several steps.


Eligible applicants must submit a Temporary Resident Visa application from the Gaza Strip, holding a Palestinian Territory passport. The application should identify an ‘anchor’ in Canada—a Canadian citizen or permanent resident aged 18 or older, who intends to reside in Canada and meets specific eligibility criteria. This anchor must not have any removal orders, detentions, certain criminal convictions, and must be financially stable.


The policy applies to the spouse, common-law partner, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or sibling of the anchor. The anchor needs to provide a signed statutory declaration affirming their intention to support the applicant, including financial and integration assistance.


This policy, effective from January 9, 2024, offers a temporary refuge for Palestinian nationals affected by the Gaza crisis, with exemptions expiring after processing 1,000 applications or one year from the policy’s effect, whichever occurs first.

Gaza Visa

Canada’s temporary public policy for Gaza extended family members presents a vital opportunity for those affected by the crisis in Gaza to seek temporary refuge in Canada. Navigating this policy’s application process requires a thorough understanding of its eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and procedural nuances. At Canada By Choice, we offer expert assistance to ensure your application is comprehensive, accurate, and aligned with the policy’s guidelines. With our support, applicants can navigate this process smoothly, increasing their chances of a successful outcome and opening a pathway to safety and stability in Canada.

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