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New Financial Requirements for International Students in Canada

Canada’s standing as a preferred destination for international students is firmly established, drawing them in with its acclaimed educational institutions, a culture of inclusivity, and promising opportunities post-graduation. However, the surge in international student numbers has brought to light significant challenges, particularly in securing adequate housing. These students, vital to the vibrancy and innovation on Canadian campuses, often find themselves grappling with accommodation issues. Recognizing these difficulties, the Canadian government is taking proactive steps to address these challenges, including introducing changes to ensure international students are better prepared financially for life in Canada. This move reflects a commitment to not only attract but also adequately support international students during their educational journey.

New Financial Requirements for International Students

The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, made a significant announcement addressing the financial preparedness of international students coming to Canada. Starting January 1, 2024, the cost-of-living financial requirement for study permit applicants will see an increase. This change is aimed at ensuring that international students are adequately prepared for the financial realities of life in Canada. The adjustment of this financial threshold, which had remained unchanged since the early 2000s, reflects the evolving cost of living. The new requirement sets the threshold at $20,635 for a single applicant, representing 75% of the low-income cut-off (LICO), in addition to their first year of tuition and travel expenses. This measure is a response to the increasing cost of living and is intended to better align the financial requirements with the current economic landscape, helping students avoid financial strain during their studies in Canada.

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New Responsibilities of Learning Institutions

The recent reforms to the International Student Program emphasize the heightened responsibilities of learning institutions in Canada towards their international student populations. These educational establishments are now expected to play a more active and supportive role, going beyond mere academic offerings. A key aspect of this responsibility is providing adequate supports for international students, including housing options.

Learning institutions are encouraged to accept only the number of international students they can realistically support. This approach aims to ensure that each student receives the necessary assistance for a successful academic experience, addressing issues like accommodation shortages and integration challenges. The focus is on creating a holistic support system that caters not just to the educational needs but also to the overall well-being of international students. By doing so, these institutions contribute to a more positive and productive environment for students coming from abroad to study in Canada.

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The Canadian government’s introduction of updated financial requirements for study permit applicants and the reforms to the International Student Program are significant steps towards enhancing the support for international students. These changes address key issues such as financial preparedness and housing, crucial for the overall well-being and success of students in Canada.


At Canada By Choice, we have extensive experience assisting students in Windsor and across Canada in navigating these new requirements and changes. Our team offers tailored guidance and support, helping students understand the financial criteria, select suitable educational institutions, and adapt seamlessly to life in Canada. With our expertise, international students can confidently manage these new challenges and fully embrace their educational opportunities in Canada.

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