July 7, 2016



Canadian Immigration

Apart from our world class service standard and excellent track record of successful clients, we create a competitive profile for our clients. Your profile will be specifically designed for the Government of Canada’s official Job Bank database to help put you in touch with Canadian employers looking to hire.

Our on-call team with your appointed Case Manager will develop your application to ensure you have the best possible chance at Canadian Immigration.

How do you know if you are eligible? Take our free online assessment so we can explore your options, each case is special and can have different requirements. Let our professionals help you.


Canada Needs You!

The Canadian Immigration system understands that potential immigrants like you are valuable to Canadian society for what you can do to make Canada a better place. The Canadian Government seeks diligent and skilled workers to immigrate into Canada, granting them a Canadian Permanent Residence card. All skilled and experienced workers are prioritized in the selection pool. 


The process:

There are two different things that you must be aware of: Selection and Permanent residency.

What is meant by selection?

Once you enter a pool, you will then be selected based on your score, language, experience, education and other factors that might contribute to your transition into Canada.

After being selected from the pool of applicants, completing the first step, you will be invited to apply for permanent residency. An application has to be filled out and processed with the required documents and information.



Applicants must submit an Expression of Interest form to Citizenship and Immigration Canada which will summarise any skills and achievements they may have that could help to permit them through immigration services. Once submitted, applicants are grouped together with other applicants who have similar work backgrounds and skill sets. Good presentation of your application will make a big difference. This is where we can help, our Canada By Choice Immigration team specializes in profile development.

If an individual’s application falls under one of the following three categories, they may be invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence:

  1. Highest ranked in the applicant pool
  2. Most appealing to a provincial nominee program
  3. Selected for sponsorship by a Canadian employer

Applicants who have a Job offer lined up or a PNP certificate are highly qualified and prioritised. 

A common mistake prospective immigrants make is that they overwhelm themselves with the daunting complications of the immigration process. Allow Canada By Choice and its certified immigration consultants to take care of your unique situation. Let our experts give you the greatest possibilities for success with minimal stress on you. Complete our free online visa assessment to begin the process now. We will contact you within days of completion to discuss your most suited plan of action.


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