July 20, 2016

Quebec Immigration



Immigrating to Quebec requires knowledge of the French language, we have a special web site for Quebec, www.canadaparchoix.com. Please visit our web site for further details.

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How can I immigrate to Quebec

The process of immigration in Quebec is different from the rest of Canada, Quebec is a french province that has a special status in Canada.

The government of Quebec does the selection of immigrant, then the federal government does the process of the application. We refer to the selection with the terme

which is ( Certificat de selection de Quebec).

In Quebec we have different immigration programms:

  • Permanent workers
  • Business people
  • Temporary worker
  • Foreign students
  • Family sponsorship
  • Refugee

Each of these programs has a different list of requirements and tests, but Canadian Permanent Residence can be achieved by any of these routes, just the same as programs in other provinces. Other provinces has also PNP provincial nominee program.

Quebec is a province in which French is the prominent language choice. For this reason, aspects of the programs’ requirements, such as the language proficiency tests, may require an intermediate level of French proficiency.



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