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Canada By Choice is a Canadian Immigration Firm based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2007, Canada By Choice Immigration is widely considered one of the most respected immigration firms in our region. We pride ourselves on providing world class customer service to each of our clients.


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What Customers Saying
About Canada By Choice

Gaurav Beniwal
Gaurav Beniwal
Express Entry Applicant (India)
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I would like to take this moment to appreciate the efforts of the whole team of Canada By Choice Immigration for getting me through the PR process. I am glad I was served by great professionals like you. The whole team was very supportive and hardworking. Thank you again.
Mohamad Al-Khalidy
Mohamad Al-Khalidy
OINP Human Capital and Express Entry Applicant (Jordan)
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I have had a very positive experience with Canada by choice, they have helped me with my immigration application and it worked well. the guys there have an extensive experience and what is most important is that they are keen on delivering a positive result, they take a great deal of responsibility for each applicant to insure that a positive result is achieved, they have a very friendly and a trust worthy staff that truly cares for their clients. I big recommendation to everyone seeking help in their immigration process to Canada.
Jose Jaram
Jose Jaram
Express Entry Applicant (Colombia)
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It’s amazing the level of professionalism they have, going above and beyond to make your process as smooth as possible. They care, sincerely for you and your process. I only have positive things to say. Thank you so much.
Allen Xu
Allen Xu
OINP Skilled Worker and Express Entry Applicant (China)
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I was just approved of my PR under OINP through Canada by Choice. I think Hussein’s patience and calmness really resonate with the job he works. We had our ups and downs on my case during the whole process, but he is always the one who can end up figure a way out, and that’s the attribute I really appreciate about him (his efforts as well of course).
Ali Sabra
Citizenship Application
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professional staff and good customer service and especially Mrs Raja and Mr Marwan. I am very happy with their work achievements and results , We Highly recommend them
Saoussane Boutarta
Saoussane Boutarta
OINP French Skilled Worker Stream and Express Entry (Morocco)
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Thank you so much Canada by choice for your efforts. I’m so satisfied and happy hiring you as a consultant. Wish you all the best

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