How to Immigrate from Australia to Canada

Bridging Continents: The Australian Roadmap to Canadian Immigration

Bordered by two vast oceans, Australia and Canada might seem worlds apart. Yet, the ties that bridge the two countries run deep, from shared histories under the British Crown to values rooted in multiculturalism and a love for the vast wilderness landscapes. For many Australians, the call to Canada is attractive. In fact, In 2022, 1,265 Australians were admitted to Canada as permanent residents. 


This guide aims to provide different options for every Australian who is eyeing the Canadian horizon. Whether you’re lured by opportunities in Toronto’s bustling streets, the promise of adventure in the Rockies, or the allure of French heritage in Québec, this roadmap will guide you through the intricacies of the Canadian immigration system.

Entry Waiver

Express Entry: The Australian Guide to Fast-Track Canadian Immigration


The Express Entry stands as the most streamlined entry to Canadian permanent residency, this includes Australians. Established to accelerate the entry of skilled workers who can contribute positively to Canada’s economy, this system significantly cuts down on application processing times. In many instances, you could receive an invitation for permanent residency within just a year or even a few months after applying. While not an immigration program in its own right, Express Entry serves as the online system that the Canadian government relies on to manage applications from skilled individuals.


For skilled workers from Australia, three specific programs within the Express Entry system could be particularly relevant:


Canada Experience Class: Tailored for individuals who have already acquired professional work experience within Canada.


Federal Skilled Worker: This program is ideal for skilled Australians who possess work experience in professions that are in demand in Canada, allowing them to secure permanent residency. 


Federal Skilled Trades: If you’re an Australian with experience in specialized trades, this program offers a pathway to becoming a permanent resident in Canada. 


Eligibility for the Express Entry programs is determined through a points-based ranking system that evaluates various criteria, including age, educational background, language proficiency, and professional experience. Periodically, the Canadian government conducts draws to invite the highest-ranking candidates from this pool to apply for permanent residency.

How to Immigrate from Australia to Canada

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): An Overview for Australians

For Australians eyeing Canadian shores, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) emerges as the second-most sought-after route for economic immigration. 


For those already in the Express Entry pool, many PNPs provide an additional avenue to bolster their candidacy. By aligning with a specific province’s PNP and securing a nomination, candidates can substantially increase their Express Entry points, enhancing their prospects of an invitation for permanent residency. With the dual advantage of PNP and Express Entry, the journey to permanent residency often takes under a year.


Candidates should be aware that not all PNPs are within the Express Entry framework. When applying to PNPs outside of the Express Entry, candidates should expect longer processing times for permanent residency.


Something to note that is important to PNP nominations is that upon settling in Canada, a commitment to the nominating province is implicit. Immigrants are typically expected to reside in that province for an initial time of two years, before contemplating relocation within Canada.

How to Immigrate from Australia to Canada

Family Ties: Exploring Sponsorships for Migration to Canada

For many Australians, who have family in Canada can simplify the migration process considerably. If you’re fortunate to have a relative who’s either a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen and is 18 or older, sponsorship might just be your most straightforward route. 


You may be sponsored by various relationships, including Spouses, Common-law partners, Conjugal partners, Dependent children, as well as Parents and Grandparents. By securing a sponsorship, the sponsored individual gains the opportunity to live, work, and study in Canada upon obtaining permanent residency. Furthermore, even while awaiting the approval of their permanent residency, they can procure a work permit, enabling them to be gainfully employed in Canada during this interim period.

How to Immigrate from Australia to Canada

Entrepreneurial Paths: Navigating Business Immigration to Canada


For those armed with capital and a vision to invest in Canada, Business Immigration presents a promising pathway. Both Federal and Provincial levels (via PNP) offer programs for business-minded individuals to make their mark in Canada.


If you’re a self-starter or are on the brink of setting up a venture in Canada, consider the Start-Up Visa program. To be deemed eligible, applicants must secure a letter of endorsement from a recognized angel investor group, venture capital fund, or business incubator. Additionally, certain ownership stipulations apply for a qualifying business. Proficiency in English or French is paramount, and you must achieve a score (CLB) of 5 across all categories. Beyond these requirements, it’s important to have sufficient funds not only to kickstart your business but also to cover living expenses until the venture turns profitable.


On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a specific province, various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) invite overseas entrepreneurs to establish their businesses locally. Several of these PNPs extend regional entrepreneur schemes, which often come with the added benefit of requiring a lesser investment threshold.

Australians to Canada (5)

International Experience Canada (IEC) for Australians 


For young Australians between the ages of 18 and 35 eager to embark on a unique international adventure, the International Experience Canada (IEC) program offers a golden opportunity. Curated by the Canadian government, the IEC is more than just a travel experience. It provides participants the chance to garner invaluable international work exposure while honing their English and French language skills. It’s an excellent way for young Australians to finance an unforgettable journey, allowing them to work in Canada while funding their dream adventure.


Student Visas For Australians


Canada stands proudly as a top destination for global students, revered for its academic excellence and a myriad of opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Not only do students benefit from Canada’s esteemed educational institutions, but they also enjoy the dual advantage of work possibilities during their study tenure and a promising pathway to permanent residency upon graduation.


Initiating the student visa application process begins with obtaining a letter of acceptance from your chosen college or university. Ensure your chosen institution is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). If unsure, reach out to us to verify your institution’s DLI status. To finalize your enrollment, you’ll be required to settle your tuition fees upfront and demonstrate your financial capacity to manage your living costs throughout your study period. Additionally, every family member accompanying you must hold a valid passport or travel document, which permits a return to its issuing nation.


Completing your academic journey opens the door to further opportunities. Eligible graduates can apply for a post-graduate work permit, which can last up to three years. With adequate Canadian work experience under your belt, the Canadian Experience Class program through Express Entry emerges as an enticing avenue to secure permanent residency.


Agri-Food Pilot: A Pathway for Agricultural Professionals from Australia


Canada’s Agri-Food Pilot offers a unique opportunity for skilled agricultural professionals from Australia to gain permanent residency. Addressing labor shortages in key sectors such as meat product manufacturing, greenhouse production, and non-aquaculture animal production, this program requires applicants to have relevant work experience and a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. While it’s set to run until May 2023, there are annual application caps for specific industries. For Australians with a strong agricultural background, the pilot is a chance to both relocate and contribute meaningfully to Canada’s vital agri-food sector.


Intra-Company Transfer: An Avenue for Professionals in Multinational Companies


The Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) program in Canada serves as a gateway for employees in multinational corporations, facilitating their transition to a position within the company’s Canadian subsidiary, branch, or affiliate. This pathway is particularly advantageous as it bypasses conventional immigration routes. To be eligible, an individual must already be employed with the company for at least one year in a similar position and be offered a role in Canada in either a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity. This temporary transfer not only aids in the seamless integration of business operations but can also be a stepping stone for employees aiming for permanent residency in the future.


From Pacific to the Atlantic: Australians Targeting Atlantic Canada


The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a collaborative initiative between Canada’s federal government and its four Atlantic provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Designed to address the specific labor and demographic challenges these provinces face, the pilot encourages skilled workers and international graduates to settle in the Atlantic region. Unlike other programs, a distinctive feature of the Atlantic Pilot is that applicants need a job offer from a designated employer in the region. This ensures that immigrants are not just moving to Canada, but actively contributing to and integrating into the local Atlantic communities, enriching the region’s social and economic fabric.

Express Entry

The bond between Australia and Canada, two nations separated by vast oceans yet united by shared historical ties and values, remains attractive to many Australians. The numerous pathways offered by Canada, ranging from the streamlined Express Entry system to unique initiatives like the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, exemplify Canada’s commitment to welcoming and integrating skilled professionals, students, and adventurers from Australia. Whether one is driven by professional aspirations, academic pursuits, or the sheer allure of the Canadian landscape, the Canadian government provides opportunities to many Australians looking to immigrate to Canada. 

How to Immigrate from Australia to Canada
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