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Canada is Providing a New Humanitarian Pathway for the Sudan Conflict

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has led to significant hardship for its population, marked by instability and humanitarian challenges. In response to this escalating crisis, Canada has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting the Sudanese people. Recognizing the dire circumstances faced by those affected, the Canadian government has announced a new family-based humanitarian pathway. This initiative is a testament to Canada’s dedication to providing aid and support to those in conflict zones, reaffirming its role as a global leader in humanitarian efforts. The pathway aims to offer relief and a chance for a peaceful future to Sudanese nationals and others who resided in Sudan when the conflict began, underscoring Canada’s commitment to peace and safety for all.


New Pathway Annoucement

The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced a significant new initiative: a family-based humanitarian pathway specifically designed for Sudanese nationals and non-Sudanese individuals who were residing in Sudan when the conflict began on April 15, 2023. This announcement marks a pivotal step by the Canadian government in its efforts to provide support and refuge to those affected by the crisis in Sudan.


This new pathway is structured to enable family reunification on a permanent basis for those impacted by the conflict. It is aimed at offering a safe haven and a new beginning in Canada for individuals and families who have faced tremendous challenges amid the instability in Sudan. This initiative reflects Canada’s humanitarian values and its commitment to offering assistance and support to people in dire situations globally, reinforcing its standing as a country dedicated to peace and humanitarian aid.

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Eligibility and Scope

To qualify for Canada’s humanitarian pathway aimed at those affected by the Sudan conflict, applicants must have a close family connection in Canada. This includes being a child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or sibling of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident currently residing in Canada. Additionally, their family member in Canada must agree to provide support and assistance in helping them settle and build a new life in the country. This eligibility criterion underscores the pathway’s focus on family reunification and support as key components of the resettlement process.

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Other Measures Canada is Taking

In addition to the humanitarian pathway, Canada has implemented several other measures to support Sudanese nationals affected by the conflict. These include allowing Sudanese nationals currently in Canada to extend their stay or change their status as a visitor, student, or temporary worker without any charge. The government is also waiving temporary residence application fees for foreign nationals who fled Sudan with their Canadian family members. There is a priority in processing temporary and permanent residence applications from individuals still in Sudan. Furthermore, Canada is easing entry requirements by waiving the need for a passport or travel document for those approved for a permanent resident visa. Lastly, passport and permanent resident travel document fees are being waived for Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Sudan who wish to leave. These measures collectively aim to provide comprehensive support and facilitate easier access to safety and stability for those impacted by the crisis.

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Canada’s introduction of a humanitarian pathway for Sudanese nationals, coupled with additional supportive measures, underscores its commitment to aiding those affected by the conflict in Sudan. This initiative, focused on family reunification and easing immigration processes, reflects Canada’s compassionate approach to global crises. At Canada By Choice, we are equipped to help individuals leverage these opportunities. Our team offers expert guidance on navigating these new pathways, ensuring applicants understand eligibility criteria, application procedures, and effectively utilize the support measures Canada has put in place. We are dedicated to assisting families in their journey towards a safe and stable life in Canada. If you need help with any immigration issues, you can always book a one on one consultation with one of our consultants. Our consultations are designed to guide you to the right immigration path.  

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